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"Joe does a great job of coming up with topics that are important. He also does a great job of presenting these topics."
Tommy Hensler, Manager, Equipment Depot

Our dynamic, fun, interactive, and thought-provoking seminars are designed with accelerative learning techniques where key concepts are broken down into 20-minute modules that can be combined to meet your learning objectives and performance goals. Both learning styles and processing styles are addressed as we format and structure our training activities with real-life scenarios to increase subject knowledge retention and application in the workplace as well as instill increased confidence among participants.

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Learn about our most popular seminars:

Servant Leadership
Personality Preferences & Traits
Conflict Management
Coaching & Mentoring
Situational Leadership & Decision Making
Customer Service
Emotional Intelligence
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Listening & Feedback
Human Differences/Diversity
Generational and Gender Differences
Time Management/Priority Setting

Energize your next conference or dinner meeting with an entertaining, inspirational, and engaging keynote speaker from Spirit Seminars & Consulting. Professional associations, businesses, schools, and churches have come to appreciate our flexibility and commitment to helping them meet their desired goals. Our most requested keynote/dinner seminars are as follows:

• You Are the Difference (Servant Leadership)
• The People Puzzle (Personality Styles & Preferences)
• I'm Unstoppable (Perseverance & Motivation)
• What Would Grandpa Do? (Ethics & Values)

Servant Leadership

Program Title: Leadership Courage

Encourage, inspire, motivate, guide, counsel, lead, and create top performers by learning the influence and effectiveness of servant leadership. By implementing the principles of heat and heart in receiving and giving feedback, you can transform your workgroup into a cohesive, coordinated, collaborative team. Become aware of the 70-second rule to examine why team members struggle to trust each other. Learn to respond to others' emotional needs to help them achieve their fullest potential by becoming a servant leader.

Personality Preferences & Traits

Program Title: Why They Don't and How to Guarantee They Will

Inject insights, energy, and productivity into your everyday interactions with people. We will keep you on the edge of your seats examining yourself and others with colorful anecdotes and stories which will increase your ability to understand, predict, and manage the activity of others. This is our most popular program about understanding people. In this humorous, energetic group-interaction seminar, you will be able to spot the natural areas of tension between yourself and others, determine your strengths and weaknesses (as well as theirs), and see yourself through the eyes of others.

Conflict Management

Program Title: Moving Beyond Confrontation

Learn to understand why we have conflict, where the conflict comes from, and how to deal with conflict when it erupts. Assessment tools are used to examine your conflict style and to develop a comprehensive conflict management plan. We examine common attitudes and beliefs about conflict and then move into new thinking about the potential growth offered from conflict.

Coaching & Mentoring

Program Title: Discovering The Diamond—Coaching & Mentoring for Co-Worker Engagement

Encourage, inspire, motivate, guide, counsel, lead, and create top performers. Motivate your workers to become a cohesive, coordinated team. Even problem employees can be transformed into super-productive, motivated winners when you learn to be more than a manager. Learn how to spot and support exceptional employees and help them realize their full potential. Learn the skills of coaching & mentoring and build a team of champions.

Situational Leadership & Decision Making

Program Title: Lead Or Get Out of the Way

This situational leadership workshop examines how to create and manage a happy and productive staff who work together smoothly to complete special projects and perform routine tasks. We examine perceptions of leadership styles, leadership functions, and characteristics of effective leaders. Have you ever wondered about your leader behavior style? Have you examined where your leadership behavior style is most effective? You will get answers to these questions and more as you learn to inspire, motivate, counsel, and lead fellow workers.

Customer Service

Program Title: Would You Do Business With You

This workshop is for every person in your organization—even those you may not think of as customer relations' personnel. We all have the ability to make a positive or negative impact on customers. You will spend five times as much time to acquire a new customer as you will to service an existing one. Learn to look at customer relations from the inside-out. Examine why customers stop doing business and how to identify why they do.

Emotional Intelligence

Program Title: Being Smart

Research has demonstrated that the most successful people in business, and in life itself, are not necessarily the most intellectually gifted. The ability to perceive, assess, and influence our emotions and those of others, emotional intelligence (EQ), has a greater influence on success than intelligence quotient (IQ). People who are not emotionally smart waste time on personality conflicts and complaining. They lose control when faced with tense and stressful situations. Individuals with low EQs undermine their own and their team's performance. In this highly interactive program, you will learn to use your emotions in positive and constructive ways to improve your relationships with others, improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills, and improve your effectiveness in dealing with change and handling stress and conflict.

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Program Title: The Power of Thinking Creatively

This creative problem-solving program teaches participants how to use a powerful creative thinking system calling display thinking (storyboarding). Many organizations use this process to discover new practical ideas in the change management initiatives, strategic planning, and organizational systems. One of the wow factors of display thinking is that it improves internal communication, builds trust, and improves team dynamics because it is highly effective at resolving differences of opinion. Use the process to learn how to identify what your organization's culture is today, what you want it to be, and how to get there. We will inject insights, enthusiasm, and stimulus into your continual improvement and problem-solving efforts.

Listening & Feedback & Human Differences/Diversity

Recognize and value employees for their varied skills, experiences, and opinions! Each participant will learn how individuals can pull together, drawing forth from each other's best for the good of the organization. Learn why gender, age, ethnicity, region of origin, lifestyle, personality, leadership style, management philosophy, religion, work ethic, and other human differences influence us to act and think differently. This diversity program is packed with group interaction and roleplay. In this humorous, non-threatening, and thought-provoking seminar, you will increase your skills in interpreting other's behavior and how to respond appropriately. Learn to use the 4 Cs model to show how the talents, energies, and commitments of a diverse workforce can mobilize an organization to improve its effectiveness and create better products and services in a more comfortable, productive environment.

Generational & Gender Differences

Program Title: Learning & Leveraging—Leading a Multi-Generational Work Force

The workshop is designed to encourage involvement and active participation to challenge you and have you examine your own generational and gender differences. Learn to understand better and appreciate the differences people bring into the workplace as a result of the gender or age group they represent. Do you know anybody in your organization from a different generation that you are having problems leading or getting him/her to achieve their maximum performance? Learn how to use the differing strengths and experiences that people of various generations bring to the table to maximize your multi-dimensional team's effectiveness.

Time Management/Priority Setting

Discover how using goals to prioritize your daily activities can act as a catalyst for your daily productivity. By combining effective techniques of time management and problem-solving, you too can increase your personal effectiveness. Learn how planning overcomes procrastination. We will provide participants with tools to understand creative problem-solving and improve their decision-making skills. Also, learn how to lead meetings, so they are more focused and stop wasting your time and the time of others.

Dinner, Keynote, Motivational, & Inspirational Talks

You Are the Difference (Servant Leadership)

Within every person has been placed a desire to be different, distinctive—to be original! Regardless of where you are in life, or how much you have or have not accomplished, virtually everyone is a motivator. Whether we're persuading a coworker to change bad habits, or giving suggestions to a friend regarding personal challenges, or giving pep talks to our children; we can influence people we come in contact with for the good or the bad. This powerful message about Servant Leadership is a blend of personal warmth, enthusiasm, and unique combination of inspirational stories about our effect on others. Your eyes will be opened to how you can positively influence those around you, every minute of every day, and help people be their very best. Bring out the best in those you encounter as you bring out the servant leader within you by becoming more aware of the ways we damage other's self-esteem and confidence. Even one person can cause the far-reaching pebble in the pond effect of a balcony person. You will be inspired to see that you can polish the pearl not only inside of yourself, but also in everyone you meet!

The People Puzzle Personality Styles & Preferences

We simply took our most popular training program (Why They Don't...) and turned into a keynote/dinner program. It's almost non-stop laughter as you hear story after story about the human differences in our lives, especially the personality styles and preferences of others as well as ourselves. Discover whether you are a Bouncing Bumblebee, Orderly Owl, Riveting Rhino, or Tolerant Turtle. Examine the critters in your life that bring out the best in you even though there are times where they can be your biggest frustration.

I'm Unstoppable Perseverance & Motivation

Learn to let go of whatever is holding you back. Launch an all-out attack on mediocrity in your life. Discover that it is not what happens to you in life that matters; rather, how we react and respond to what happens to us. Like most good things, happiness and success come as a result of a lifelong pursuit of patience, persistence, and perseverance. This uplifting program is an emotional roller-coaster ride with laughter, real-life experiences, and maybe even some tears. Accept the challenge to become the person God engineered and designed you to be.

What Would Grandpa Do? Ethics & Values

Reflect on the wonderful people in your life that have exhibited fairness, integrity, honesty, and principals of solid business ethics. Ethics and values give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and courage to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates in our lives. It is a frank discussion concerning attitudes, morals, motivation, sense of pride, ethics, and values as we choose the right leaders and mentors in our lives. Going to bed at night is always better when we can do it with a clear conscience, even when that may mean giving up short-term personal or professional gains.