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"The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you."
Joe Schneider, Tip of the Week

What Is a Relationship Bank Account?

"Time is the currency of our lives. Be careful not to waste is and don't let others spend it for you."
Joe Schneider, Executive Coach

We all like to see a nice dollar amount in our account at the bank, which means you have to be diligent about making deposits to it on a regular basis. In our daily lives, we want to have good relationships with family, our personal friends, fellow workers, and – especially – with our customers. Each time we do and say something nice, do what others expect, or take on additional responsibility, we create a plus (or credit) in the account. Naturally, once in a while, we may not be at our best, making a withdrawal (or deduct) from that same relationship.

Over a period of time, it would be in our best interest to make sure those deposits into that bank account of rapport with the people you value are healthy so that when the occasional withdrawal is made, you will not bounce a check.

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What You Can Do if You Work For a...

Riveting Rhino (bold, decisive personality): Be more respectful of their time by getting to the point.

Bouncing Bumblebee (fun-loving, creative personality): Be more creative by thinking optimistically.

Orderly Owl (analytical, compliant personality): Be more accurate by double checking your work.

Tolerant Turtle (patient, cooperative personality): Be more pleasant by being more agreeable to others.