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Executive Coaching

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

"This is just what I needed to move forward. Joe puts things into a way that I can relate to."
Pete Allen, Cengage Learning, Independence, KY

It's more than leadership development and executive coaching. We call it humaneering. All too often, organizations have supervisors, managers, and leaders with highly developed technical skills, but they lack the interpersonal skills and leadership skills to work effectively with others. Spirit Seminars & Consulting has developed a performance improvement method that integrates adult learning techniques with executive coaching to maximize the effectiveness of your desired leadership development needs. The goal is to align learning with your organization's vision, mission, and core values. The result is supervisors, managers, and leaders will achieve competency-based goals more rapidly within your organization's structure and culture.

One-On-One Coaching

Our primary areas of concentration are as follows:

• Servant Leadership Development
• Change Management
• Interpersonal Skill Development
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
• Work-Life Balance

We supplement our executive coaching with the following:

• 360° Assessments
• Personality Instruments
• Leadership Development Benchmark Tools
• Work Habits and Behavioral Inventories
• Self-Development Goal Setting & Targets
• Conflict Resolution
• Grief Counseling